1968: Jim Morrison interview, Isle of Wight

Audio & video

View video of interview HERE.

It’s kinda hard walking around out there. I didn’t get around, back round the campsite sort of thing. This one seems to be pretty well organised for such a huge – er – I didn’t have a good time last night cos I’d just got off the plane. But tonight, I came back and – er – I could see why people like it.

I think that all these people saying that huge festivals are over, they’re dead and all that, I think they’re wrong. I think they’re gonna become increasingly significant. I think that in three or four or five years . . .

I’m sure that these things get highly romanticised, but – um – I was kind of that opinion myself when I saw the film about Woodstock. It just seemed like a bunch of young parasites being kind of spoonfed this three or four days of  . . .  Well you know what I mean. They looked like victims or dupes of the culture, rather than anything . . . but then I think that may have been sour grapes because I wasn’t there, not even as a spectator.

So I think that even though they are a mess, and even though they are not what they pretend to be, some free celebration of  young culture, it’s still better than nothing. And I’m sure that some of the people take away a kind of , you know, a kind of a myth back to the city.

Well, I don’t want to say too much, cos I haven’t studied politics that much, but it just seems to me you have to be in a constant state of revolution or you’re dead, you know, so . . . There always has to be a revolution. It has to be a constant thing. It’s not something that’s gonna change things and that’s it. ‘The revolution solves everything.’ It has to be every day.


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